5 Menopause Fitness Questions You Want Answered

It’s Q and A time again and this time it’s a round up of 5 menopause fitness questions. I got these from our Flipping 50 Insiders group on Facebook. If you’re there or you’re commenting on the show notes themselves, we often pick those questions precisely for episodes like this. These are some of your favorite episodes based on the downloads! 

Thank you by the way for sharing, it really helps you and I both when more of the world is tuned into nuances of midlife fitness. 

Kathy asks: 

If you are feeling tired, run down, sore, or achy how do you plan your week of weight training and HIIT?

It has happened that as the week progresses something may crop up and I feel I need to eliminate one day of my workout to take a break.Is it best to skip a weight training or a HIIT day?

After doing large muscle strength training and beginning to move on to smaller muscle in arms, is it effective when doing only one set (for the smaller arm muscles)? I find myself running out of time some days and wondering if it is worth the effort to do only one set when 3 sets are not possible. Should I always do 3 sets for each muscle group? 

Kim asks:

If post menopausal (total hysterectomy 1 year ago), on BHRT and began experienceing abnormally low energy and mood and interrupted sleep, how “hard” do I push myself? I’m able to do the strength training 2x/week with 72 hours apart but feel drained on the other days. I really want to get results. 

Teresa asks: 

Do we count warm up and cool down time towards the 45 minute HIIT each week? I have been doing 5 min WU, 20 minutes of intervals and 5 min of cool down twice weekly. Does this sound about right? 

I hope these 5 menopause fitness questions have given you some insight – or confirmed, you’ve got this! 


Flipping 50 Insiders Group: https://www.flippingfifty.com/groups/flipping50insiders

Your turn! Leave your Question or Comment below the show notes! 


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