5 Fitness-Related Bone Broth Benefits After 50

Bone Broth Benefits to Fall in Love With

bone broth benefits Bone broth benefits for women over 50 are many. In this post I’m going to focus on the top five reasons I love bone broth for the Flipping 50 community. I’m also going to let you in on why I upgraded my bone broth and you’ll want to, too.

I’m *sharing a brand new bone broth I love. You can try it now and get free shipping with a special Flipping 50 link (I’m sharing with all Flipping 50 subscribers!) if you’re wondering what the hype is about it. But before you even sip the Kettle & Fire that converted me in 60 seconds, read this post!

[Just up front and personal: if I share a product I love that will benefit you I will receive a small commission if you try it with our link. I never share something I don’t use and love and believe will benefit you.]

The bone broth trend is hot. If you’re a female over 50 working her way through exercise during hormone change, you’ll find every benefit I’m featuring here ties directly to a challenge or question you have!

The Scoop

Kettle & Fire reached out to me and asked if they could share their message with the Flipping 50 audience. I said, thanks, but no, for no other reason than I talk about bone broth for my clients and groups already. I’ve shared how to prepare it or how to buy it. I’ve tasted half a dozen and they’ve been pretty similar.

Well, they offered to send me some anyway.

Returning from a trip a package was waiting at the back door. I was tired and hungry just off the plane. When I realized it was the bone broth I unboxed it and warmed a cup in the microwave while I unpacked. Within a minute, I was opening up my laptop typing a thank you and asking how I could help share this with you.

It’s that good.

I always share what I’m doing and why, how it’s working and what’s different about it. This bone broth trickled rapidly down to my private corporate clients and to our group participants. I’m going to explore bone broth and I scored a way for you to try Kettle & Fire for being here!

First, I’ll dive into why I’m such a fan of bone broth. I could go on and on about bone broth benefits, in fact I do. You’ve been warned.

Next, I’ll share how – very similar to protein powder – I discovered the difference between a quality product that has everything you want in it and nothing you don’t… and the rest.

Last, I’ve got a simple way for you to fall in love with Kettle & Fire too.

Let’s get started.

What is it?

You’ve heard about it, potentially used it, and still may be at a loss when you explain to someone else what it is about bone broth. The secret is in three things: 1.) high quality bones 2.) with an acid 3.) for more than 20 hours… so that bones break down and you get a lot of nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise in a broth.

Ideally you want a bone broth that uses:

  • 100% Grass-fed animals
  • Organically raised animals
  • Organic vegetables
  • Organic apple cider vinegar

Why is it so popular now?

More people are liking the idea of no-waste, nose-to-tail eating. We want to eat the whole animal and get all the nutrition from eating all parts not just some. It definitely ties into the Paleo movement. (If you’re vegan, I know, this is not-resonating).

Health conscious and aware individuals know that Paleo, Keto, and other healthy diet lifestyles still cut out nutrients. Bone broth offers amino acids, calcium, and magnesium just to mention a few that are key. Then there’s glycene (which can help with sleep – yet another bonus benefit of bone broth for Flipping 50) and chondroitin (for joints).

When you consider the goal is always “food first,” it should make simple sense that it’s so much better to eat your nutrients than to supplement with them whenever possible. 

What’s unique about Kettle & Fire bone broth?

It’s shelf-stable (2-years), which means there’s no need to freeze and it’s made, packed, and shipped in a sustainable way. But, wait for it… It has no additives and preservatives. If that makes you scratch your head about how it can have a shelf life of 2-years, keep reading. Kettle & Fire uses a vacuum packaging method so there’s no air inside. It’s exposure to air (oxidation) that causes the breakdown of the goodness in food. High temperatures used in production of Kettle & Fire ensure that bacteria and pathogens can’t survive. Pretty smart, Kettle & Fire.

Now, realize, I was just hungry, right. So all of this juicy science I love came after it being delicious and satisfying. I did not read the science first, only the ingredients – which I’ll share here later too.

How does it beat bone broth at the store (or that you might make at home)?

The type of bones used in making Kettle & Fire aren’t typically what you’ll be able to access easily, or what you want to mess with. I, for one, will not be cutting up chicken feet for my bone broth. I draw the line.

The sodium level of store-bought broths can be high. On the other hand, the low-sodium options can be pretty flat tasting.

Then the packaging process of store-bought bone broths contributes to oxidation and includes artificial products. In short, Kettle & Fire is just doing it better.

What saddens me about Kettle & Fire?

They only ship in the US. I know, Canada and international Flipping 50 community members, it’s sad. We do love you here!

What I love beyond the taste and benefits of bone broth

It’s family-owned. It began with brothers, ages 26 and 20. As mom to a 23-year old I love this. Young, entrepreneurial spirits creating something that is a win for everyone involved. I’ve got so much respect for this!

How do you use it?

  • Drink it in replacement of coffee or tea
  • Add broth to soups
  • Start with the broth and add veggies and additional protein for a simple meal
  • Steam veggies in enough broth to cover and then blend for “cream” soup without the cream

And now… the WHY !

bone broth benefitsThe 5 Fitness-related Bone Broth Benefits After 50

#1 Skin

The collagen-rich bone broth promotes healthy skin and elasticity. If you’re losing weight and hoping to keep crepe skin to a minimum or like me live at altitude or like to play outdoors, wrinkles are inevitable. Love those smile lines! But you can minimize them if you bump your collagen intake up since you produce less of it as we become #hotnotbothered. Your ability to absorb collagen if you’re consuming it is better than if you’re using a lotion or injections.

#2 Fasting without a fat-promoting stress response

I’ve shared blogs and podcasts about fasting and discuss it in my private programs. It’s not appropriate for everyone. Mini-fasts, however, like closing the kitchen after dinner and not snacking between meals is a hormone-balancing trick I use for clients.

If you’re used to grazing or have fallen victim to poor advice to eat 5-6 times a day, stopping cold turkey is hard. Bone broth is a perfect step down from snacking. With 10 grams of protein per cup, it can keep you full and still support your hormone-balancing progress.

Women in midlife are more susceptible to the negative effects of stress. Dieting is stress. If you’re trying to cut out snacks even, that may feel like a “diet” and certainly fasting is stress. Adding bone broth to your (health) diet is a way to prevent stress from backfiring on you during a weight loss program. Under stress your body holds onto fat.

#3 Satiety

I alluded to this benefit above, but satiety through protein (and fiber) is how we ditch the diets and move toward quality food intake that tastes great. No program that begins with deprivation is going to motivate you for long. It’s also not going to provide life long results.
Most women eat less protein than even the minimum recommended amounts.

Those minimum recommended numbers were designed to prevent disease and we know now that higher levels of protein intake are required to prevent muscle losses once associated with aging. Those muscles losses are actually due to inadequate exercise stimulus, and recover which includes adequate protein.

#4 Amino acids for recovery

Essential amino acids are … you guessed it, essential. The thing you must know is that for older adults (that’s you and me on the North side of 50) protein synthesis is reduced. If you’re active you do it better than someone inactive. But your active 50 or 60-something self doesn’t do it as well as when you were 20 or 30. So we have to make sure we consume foods with these in regularly in order to hold on to muscle tissue.

You can lift weights all you want, eat “healthy,” and sleep well, but if you’re not giving muscles enough building blocks then you may be breaking down muscles faster than you build them up. You may be thinking, “no way! I build them up at least three times a week with weight training.”

Sorry, but exercise is a breakdown activity. So you’ve got to have the rest time and the seriously dedicated nutrition to rebuild them. Bone broth is a delicious way to help yourself bump your essential amino acids so that you can stay strong, lean, and active doing things you love. Drink in bone broth benefits or eat it with revved up soups using it.

#5 Electrolytes

Have I mentioned lately I bleed cardinal and gold? As an Iowa State University alumni and former faculty member, I’m proud to say that researchers in my department found years ago that chicken soup was an optimal way to rehydrate after exercise.

Hydration bone broth benefits are probably better though I don’t have studies to prove it here. The electrolytes you lose during exercise that’s longer, in humidity, or more intense need to be replaced. If you’re a heavy sweater you need to tune into this too. Having done many endurance events that start early and go into the night, having chicken broth waiting at aid stations is soothing pick-me-up.

Whether you use it for exercise recovery or you’ve caught a cold or the flu, bone broth is a smart way to boost your immune system and give it an easy way to increase fluid, electrolytes and build strength again with protein.

I’m shipping a box to my mom who’s 91 and tends to skip meals when she’s left to her own devices. Between smoothies and bone broth my plan is to make her a poster child.

And, wait for it…. Bonus #6


As I write this, I’ve just gotten off the phone from talking too much about the gut health of some of my older family members. TMI.

While I recover from that, however, I’m reminded that gut health is a big issue for 80% of the women who enter Flipping 50 programs. They’ve just been settling for it!

One of the big bone broth benefits is that it can help you feel better and stop tolerating digestive issues. One ingredient, glycine, helps produce stomach acids and supports the liver which remove toxins from body. It helps seal the gut so you get to absorb more of all the goodness you’re trying to eat.

There are several other gut-friendly ways bone broth benefits you want including promoting synthesis of glutathione, clearing out methionine, and more. One simple way it may help your gut is increasing your fluid intake. So many of us can struggle, specifically during colder months, to hydrate often enough. Bone broth is a warm, great-tasting way to do it.

I’m hoping to introduce you to the founders of Kettle & Fire to talk more about gut-enhancing bone broth benefits soon. Be sure you’re watching the Flipping 50 podcast for that.

Bone broth benefits boost Flipping 50 program success

In the Flipping 50 28-Day Kickstart we focus on hormone awareness in the first week with stopping the terrible hormone-imbalance causing cycle of snacking, grazing, and having just a taste. It’s a tough thing for many of you who have been sold the incorrect information that eating several small meals a day will boost your metabolism.

(In fact, snacking slows your metabolism, encourages fat storage, and almost guarantees your body will not burn fat!) That is most definitely not the list of fitness benefits you signed up for.

The final benefit here is that it is delicious. It’s warm and comforting. It’s satisfying without being filling. You can have a cup of this and head out for a run. You may never have considered it, but if you’re in a humid climate doing frequent workouts then you’re losing fluids, you need the electrolytes bone broth has to offer. Contrary to popular belief we athletes (and often women who avoid salt) need sodium.

bone broth benefitsWhat’s in it?

The full ingredient list looks like it came out of your own kitchen.

The full ingredient list:

  • marrow bones from pasture raised, grass-fed cows (or chickens)
  • organic carrots
  • organic onions
  • organic celery
  • organic bay leaves
  • organic parsley
  • apple cider vinegar
  • a pinch of black peppercorn
  • sea salt
  • thyme

Flipping 50 subscribers and clients have a special offer with FREE shipping!

Seriously, you’re nuts not to with that kind of offer!

I was once a picky eater. I am still pretty demanding when it comes to taste. I won’t lie: I will do things just because they’re good for me. I was drinking it for the bone broth benefits.

This is not one of them.

I actually am drinking more bone broth because I LIKE it, thanks to Kettle & Fire. It’s not something I have to remember to do. I do actually have to make myself use it in soups. My selfish side wants to keep it for midday snacks! It’s that good!

If you think it’s cost-prohibitive, rethink. It’s less than a cup of java and far better for you. If you were going to snack on something with 10 grams of protein and no artificial preservatives, additives, or sugar, no fat… that improves your skin, your gut, and your fat burning potential, boosts recovery… I’m out of options – let me know what you come up with.

This is something I typically share only with my subscribers, or even my smaller group of program participants. I’m singing praises to all my group programs. But it’s just too good not to share with you. There are women struggling with weight loss or fasting and losing then gaining back, lacking energy to exercise … and it just doesn’t need to be the case!

Will you do something for me? (and you)

Try it! There most definitely is a difference in bone broths!

Then let me know you’re going to test bone broth benefits for yourself.

Once you do taste it for yourself, share it with me- here or at Facebook.com/Flipping50tv

OK, that’s 3 some-things. Big ask? Will you try it?

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