Thank you!

It’s awesome that you are getting started! You said yes to you!

I wanted to share with you what to expect with your 5 Day Flip!

In about 5 or 10 minutes, you’ll get an email from Flipping 50 with your username and password sharing with you how to log in for your Day 1 workout. The video will be there waiting for you when you do.

Tip: Plan the work, and work the plan!

It always works best when you have a time you’re going to exercise, and it’s already in your calendar.

Then you just have to login, and I’ve taken care of the rest.

And… if you really want to feel amazing after these 5 days, boost your energy, and make more progress, I’ve included an answer to everybody’s next question…

“What about the Nutrition?”

I’ve got a “Flip Your Fast” guide that takes the intermittent fasting strategies I use with women in midlife.

This safely gets you a metabolism boost without – and this is important – backfiring.

Some fasting strategies backfire big time!

You’re not a mini man or a 20-something woman. Their strategies could actually make you feel worse.
Worse yet, those strategies may cause you to store more fat.

Grab it now if you’re serious about making this next 5 days the most beneficial!!

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