The Best of 2016 Flipping 50 Podcasts: Six of the Best


  1. Incredible Weight Loss at 57 That’s Changing Health, Energy, and Life

On this show, my guest Tracey shared her story of ignoring the reality of her diabetes for a decade and finally “got it.”

When I interviewed her about the journey she’d taken, she was excited. He had matched her age with her recent weight loss. Since I not long ago shared her story again, she connected and told me she had made even more progress and lost even more weight since May… stay tuned for that. Tracey and I are still trying to connect for an update on how she did it.

There are two reasons I love this episode. One, it’s never too late to change your mind and your habits. Two, you can get a second chance: the body is resilient if you start doing the right things. A lifetime of your past habits don’t have to define you. You’ve got this. Originally aired: May 10 

  1. Your Thyroid Health Questions Answered

Thyroid is always a hot topic. Here’s what I’ve learned from my clients and audiences in my workshops, presentations since I’ve been speaking now for 30 years. We know it’s important and yet we don’t quite know how our habits and lifestyle impact our adrenals or our thyroid health.

Until you’re diagnosed, and sometimes after giving power to the supplement to make things better, we don’t make lifestyle changes or understand the significance of them.

My guests on this episode Heather and Damian Dube went through Heather’s misdiagnosis of Hashimoto’s (the autoimmune thyroid disease) and learned how to naturally heal using lifestyle.

This episode was a story of going from rock-bottom to ultimate health in a two-year period after years of medical frustration and misdiagnosis. If there were a rags-to-riches thyroid story, this is it. I love that on this show we bring in the fact that it is not just you, but the way that entire families are affected when you aren’t at your best with self-care. Originally aired: July 18 

  1. Strength Training Solution for Belly Fat and Blood Sugar

(also titled How Much, How Often, How Long to Lift Weights)

We want the skinny jeans to fit. We want to go sleeveless, and who wouldn’t like a flatter belly? Beyond that though, there side effects of resistance training that might save your life! That’s really what this episode was all about.

I talked about the science of blood sugar changes with strength training and in turn how that can help you lose weight and target stubborn belly fat better than other forms of exercise can.

If you’re waiting for the motivation to begin weight training, this episode was it!

Originally aired: July 13 

  1. The Weight Training and Fat Loss After 50 Formula

In my book, You Still Got It, Girl I outline three specific protocols for weight training that match your goals to what you should be doing to most effectively and efficiently reach those goals.

The three biggest goals that make women seek support are weight loss, bone density, and performance. I share in this episode the specific how-to for training with a weight loss goal and how it makes the difference between you lifting weights and you really getting results you want.

It is one of my favorites because it empowers women who may not love to get sweaty or feel uncomfortable jogging, or doing traditional cardio, even “bootcamp” type sessions. Weight training is really easy to start, feels like a huge sense of accomplishment once you’ve done it, and gives you much more immediate rewards. You see and feel change much faster than you ever will with cardio. Don’t let my bias influence you, though, I loved the fact that this topic was also a big winner among listeners. You voted with your downloads so I know this is a topic you loved.

Originally aired: August 17 

  1. Finding and Keeping Motivation

I was determined to use the popularity of the episodes, and not my personal bias for what important message I wanted to put out there to select the best episodes this year. But it was hard!

So this podcast was a win-win. I wanted it to be on the list, and listeners voted it on the list. So I knew that it was important to them, too.

Of course at this time of year, if you’re reading this or listening close to the start of the New Year, or start of a new season for that matter, motivation is so key to not your starting – that’s easy – but to your keeping it going.

It’s not the beginning or the end that is hard. I think new beginnings are exciting. It’s a clean slate. The end is exciting too. When you start to see progress and your goal whether it’s finish line or an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn –comfortably – for a while or the end of say three months of a class, you can always get to the end.

It’s the middle that’s tough. When you’re slugging away and not always seeing the results and there’s resistance with other things you need to be focused on too.

So this podcast, for a coach who is an exercise and sport psychologist, is definitely a favorite. These are the things I personally use to stick to it during those harder days.

Originally aired: September 30

NOTE: The original file was corrupted since airing. Listen to this re-recording!

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