What You Need to Know About 30 Day Challenges

Have You Wondered About a 30 Day Fitness Challenge?

In this episode of Flipping 50 TV I share the good, the bad, and the unfit truth about 30 day fitness challenges.

Marcia writes she’s had this question for a long time, “What is the efficacy of all those 30 day challenges, for example 30 days of planks, or 30 days of squats, or 30 days of push ups?

She adds, “I know we need 48-72 hours of rest and recovery before hitting the same muscle groups so how can a 30-day challenge be effective?”

Whether it’s body weight squats or push ups if you reach fatigue… which is required for positive change to happen, the muscles breakdown, and they need repair in order to increase fitness. 

“Exercise merely provides the opportunity for fitness.”

30-Day Fitness Challenges can be intelligent

Switch the focus on a habit that improves health for 30 days. It doesn’t have to include overtraining a muscle group or repeating a movement.

  • Cellulite challenge
  • Yoga challenge
  • Eating greens challenge
  • Bone broth challenge

Every month in Flipping 50’s Café I add a new challenge. [This month it’s a bye-bye cellulite challenge]. Individuals in our Virtual Gym, with me as your Virtual Personal trainer may be going through their own journey for arthritis or joint pain reduction – weight loss – training for an event or bone density…

Our challenges allow the unique protocol so there are work-days, recovery days, and  balance body approach. It’s not an isolated focus on one muscle group.

Other 30 Day Challenges that are OK

When you are doing corrective exercises however – some daily focus can be good.  Side clams, hip bridges… and deep core muscle activation… such that you’re not reaching true fatigue – or temporary failure – but you’re waking up lazy muscles – that require consistent and frequent stimulation – then daily is good.

Liken it to getting better at reading or meditating. It takes regularly doing that activity to get better at doing it. To activate a lazy muscle more isn’t better, but consistency is a must.

Marcia is such a critical thinker! This was a great question. The answer can save you from injury, overuse, and wasting time and energy on something that won’t get you results.

I’m going to leave you with this favorite set of stretches I’ve done daily for a year and then pretty regularly thereafter. If you have hip or back or potentially knee issues, you’re going to love this one.

  • Standing hip flexor
  • Number 4
  • Lying legs crossed
  • Legs falling
  • Legs up the wall

30 day challenges

Exercises that take you to fatigue or push your limits in the same muscle group daily for 30 days are not in your best interest.

But others… can be oh, so good… for throwing focus on areas that need a little “catch up.” It gamifies it. That’s smart strategy.

30 day challenges

The Key Flip of the Day: It’s how, not just what you do what you do that matters.

What’s Next?

Have you done a challenge? Would you like to do a 30 day fitness challenge that’s easy on knees? Check this out. 

30 day challenges

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