28-Day Flipping Fifty Challenge

Does it feel like your body is working against you, since turning 50?

Are you ready for more energy…better sleep…less bloating…improve skin clarity and smoothness…wearing clothes that accentuate instead of hide your body?

If the answer is “Yes”, join the thousands of women over 50 who have lost pounds and inches while boosting their energy.

During this four-week LIVE coaching event, you will…

Age is not a limiter! However, some of the habits you picked up along the way are. When you eliminate the foods and the habits that keep you storing fat and preventing you from burning it, your body finds it’s best weight naturally.

One student Lost 14 pounds in the first 19 days! Another 10 inches in 28 days. (results are not typical)

No starving, hunger, or deprivation involved.


During the challenge, you will be equipped with:

Act Fast Bonuses: register before Last Thurs. of the Month

Recipes – Get recipes that fit easily into your 28 days in the program including delicious, creamy smoothies, soups, salads, snacks, and main entrees that are both flavorful and fast to prep. I’ve done the work for you with this bonus!

Bonus Pre-program Coaching Bundle – Get a head start on preparing meals, planning travel or other obstacles, and lining up your exercise. This trio of call recordings includes coaching content from Debra and most FAQs so you can get answers to your questions (before you know what to ask). This arrives immediately when you register. Then your prep materials arrive Thursday before your first coaching call so you’ll have everything you need to eat, sleep, and shape your mindset to make flips.

Mini-Workout Video Set – Fit in a workout even when you don’t think you have time and additional videos that you can string together for a more complete workout when you have time. These fit your life; you don’t have to fit into something unrealistic. You’ll get a pdf full of links. (nothing will be mailed)

Live Facebook Q and As – Tackle all of your holiday, special occasion, traveling questions. 

I feel like I’m 20 again! Ok well maybe 30! LOL
Sharon, 55
The meal plan is so easy to follow!
INCHES change: 12.5 inches! So pleased. Weight change: I don’t have a scale, but biometric screening at work showed a 10 lb weight loss since last year. I attribute to your program, entirely.
I don’t have any cravings. I have to remind myself to eat! I have this crazy amount of energy now…
I thought this would be very hard but I thought, you know best [and]… I feel so great!
52-year old participant
I haven’t even followed everything according to the law but I’ve learned so much, am so much more aware and feel so much better!
I started this to lose weight and get my body back. I got my life back!
Susan 55
The program was really a godsend to get me focused on the right things for this time of life.
I want to thank you again for an eye-opening experience.
Terry W, 57 (lost 9 pounds and 4.5 inches)
I do not have food cravings and am not really tempted to eat things containing sugar such as cookies, cake, or ice cream. I feel better about this area of my life because I have a plan and have better control.
Jen, 57
The meal plan is easy and I had no cravings so no more binges!
Sherry, 59
During the first week, I already lost 4 pounds! And an inch at my waist and two under my bra line!
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