28-Day CGM Experiment: What I Learned This Time

It’s not my first 28-Day CGM Experiment. [CGM, by the way, is Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor]. I’m not new to this. I use this with clients and suggest for our members they do this if they’re doing -what they think- are all the things and not getting results.

Another subgroup of clients I do this with are those clients that can’t seem to make changes even though they want to. No judgment! Change is one of the hardest things humans do! I’ve been focused on the psychology of exercise and sport since 1987. I’ve witnessed difficulty changing in myself. 

Your Morning Routine:

Consider this, you get up in the morning. What side of the bed are you sleeping on? What do you do first thing in the morning? Head to the bathroom? Take medicine? Drink water? Meditate? Or do you turn on that coffee maker? Do you sit in the same chair looking at the same view? 

All those things- whatever is on your list of morning routine items – whether conscious or unconscious get so engrained they are really hard to change. 

When you travel… there are those of us that have to haul things with us… like food and treats or coffee. I once drug my son to 3 or 4 different grocery stores looking for (sadly, some chemical-laden) instant coffee while on a golf tournament trip when he was in highschool. I’d run out, and I didn’t have any for the morning. I didn’t want to go without my routine that badly! 

Now, in these days, sometimes its a health choice. Knowing that you want to eat and drink foods that won’t be available to you at a hotel and you want to take charge of yourself… I’m all for it. As long as you know what and why you’re doing what you’re doing and it’s really healthy.. Not a habit. Different. 

This is Where a CGM Experiment Gives You Insight that Can Support Change:

Now, let’s lay this foundation for what I’m about to tell you down. I’ve been doing this for 39 years, coaching others, and for about 42, making health-conscious choices based on the best information I have every step of the way. So.. I’m not new to this. AND… change or even deep awareness of what’s really happening can still be hard!! 

I’ve been using CGMs for a couple years. I’ve worn one for a month at a time 5-6 times now. This is the second time this year. If you saw the What, When & Why to Exercise for Women 40+ online event (recordings still available, btw) then you saw not only was I, several of my expert guests were wearing them. Completely unplanned and definitely not staged, we invest in our own health with tools too. That should tell you a lot!

Obesity, visceral belly fat, these are expensive risks. This isn’t just a vanity thing. This is breeding grounds for disease. As soon as a woman’s waist is 35” or more, her risk for heart disease increases significantly. It’s important to mention that for you smaller petite women that number is derived from an average so if you’re storing weight in the belly and are more apple shape than pear it’s not something to ignore, that number may not fit you.

Here’s What I’m Sharing in This Episode:

How stubborn and in denial I was!
What I tested (this is true confessions!)
How it went
What I considered and flushed too quickly
How it’s going now.
What you can do if you also want to try it
What you can do if you don’t want to invest just yet

Link to Learn More: https://www.flippingfifty.com/myglucose

$149 for the membership
$75 for 14 days  (or $150 for 28 days) of sensors whenever you want them
You can turn on sharing, so if you want to share with me you can get feedback from me if you’re in our membership, or doing a short coaching or have done VIP coaching you’re able to amplify results by having me look at what you’re doing. 

For future VIP coaching clients, (US) I’m including a CGM membership and 2 months of monitoring with you. 

For our recent prior VIP coaching clients, I will INCLUDE two months of monitoring with you once you’ve joined and have your sensors. Then we look at whether more is warranted. Because it is a game-changer!!


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