12 Mistakes You’re Making That Sabotage Your After 50 Exercise

No matter how good your exercise program is, without the right nutrition you’re going to struggle. I share the dirty dozen mistakes I’ve seen most often in my over 40 clients in 32 years of working as a fitness professional.

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8 thoughts on “12 Mistakes You’re Making That Sabotage Your After 50 Exercise”

  1. HI Debra,

    Awesome information…..I do have a couple of questions ~ I’m 57 and post menopausal and b/c of the hot flash’s I stopped exercising. But now I’m not getting as many flashes, so am now trying to get back into the exercising. Will walking on a treadmill on off days and strength training for 15 mins on other days be too much at my age? And I don’t eat much dairy, but I like cottage cheese with pineapple as a snack around 11:00 am and sometimes I would put cottage cheese in my salad at supper. Will that be too much dairy? And will that be an ok protein?

    Thanks in Advance,

  2. Hi Debra,
    I have followed you for a couple yrs. now, you interviewed me on the phone last yr. I have followed all your info. but am struggling trying to lose 5-6 lbs. seems like each yr. I get older it gets harder. I am 55, have exercised all my life. Right now I walk about 60 min. a day, early morning this is not so much for the weight loss as it is for the balancing of my mind and day. I burst train about twice a week, any more than that and my legs get too muscular. I weight train twice a week, full body, compound exercises, heavy weights, dumbbell work mostly. I also do yoga and Piyo which I just started. I cannot eat the healthy carbs like quinoa and sweet potatoes because I tend to be carb sensitive and gain. I drink a protein plant based shake daily, allow 4 hrs. between meals, don’t eat after 6 pm. I eat veggies and protein for lunch and the same for dinner, mostly chicken and fish, seafood. Only drink water, at least 8 cups a day. I measure weekly, not budging. bust is 35″ waist 29″ hips 35.5″ and thighs 20.5″. My question is, am I expecting too much? I feel good at 134 lbs. I am at 140 now. Am I asking too much and should I settle. Watching you and how fit you are, makes me not want to settle one bit. What advice can you give me for getting these lbs. off? thank you, Debbie

  3. I also have eliminated soy, dairy, gluten, corn, sugar, peanuts, eggs. Only exception, I do eat dark chocolate chips
    each day.

  4. Interesting about the timing of eating after exercise. I thought we should eat high protein within 30 minutes after exercise . As a result I have always had a high protein smoothie as soon as possible.How critical is it to wait 90 minutes?

  5. A window of 30 minutes exists if you’re constantly working moderately to vigorously and need to recover asap AND won’t have a meal 90 minutes post. It’s not the protein but carbs immediately after that prevent growth hormone production. So if you’re minimizing your carb: protein ratio in the smoothie it may not hurt. The question is, are you at your optimal weight and fat? If no, it might be worth allowing a little more time between in order to let your body burn some fat and create the right hormone response for long term muscle. If you won’t be able to have a meal at 90 minutes when muscles are ripe for replenishment – then the within 30 minutes post ex. is better than nothing.

  6. Well, that’s a must in my book! Have you reintroduced these foods to test whether there is a need to eliminate or just taken them out? Don’t forget the importance of examining what micronutrients you’ve removed and replace them somewhere in your diet. An insufficiency of micronutrients ultimately will lead down a road you don’t want to go! Stay healthy!

  7. Yes! Do not settle. Your personal report is good. I do wonder if based on what you’ve said your carb intake might be too low. 2 times a week of HIIT is plenty. More of a good thing is not better, so don’t feel you need to give a reason for that. It sounds like you may have a mesomorph body type? Are you more musclular to begin with and define very easily? I would look at carbs and timing.

    How is your sleep and stress (other than wanting to boot the 5-6 pounds!) ? Any factor there we could look at?

  8. Hi Diane,

    You have to test yourself to know if dairy is OK or not OK. It’s not that dairy is bad. It works for some and not for others. Many can do hard/aged cheese occasionally but otherwise can’t do anything. The only real way to know is remove it and reintroduce it- as I do with the 28 Day Kickstart program. It alone isn’t enough protein at a meal (reach 25-30 grams per meal 3x a day minimum to sustain muscle and kill cravings. It is a high quality protein, but the question is, does it agree with you. Walking and alternating weight training sounds very appropriate. Keep in mind it isn’t the length of time you spend but the quality of exercise you do in that time. 15 minutes can be very adequate for getting a great workout.

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