Blood flow restriction training is not new to Flipping 50. This may be the third podcast in just a few short months. Yet, today’s guest barely needs an intro, he’s referred to as a household word by many of my clients and friends. And for good reason.

Dr. Mercola, is founder of that has been most visited natural health web site for the last 15 years even despite Google censoring him and removing him from the search engines in June of 2019.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • Is it blood flow restriction training safe?
  • What contraindications are there for blood flow restriction training?
  • Let’s talk safety compared to resistance training without use of BFR… and let’s throw in compared to not resistance training after 50?
  • Is there carry over to the chest, back, glutes? Or are the arms and legs- bicep/triceps/hamstrings/quadriceps the only muscles that benefit?
  • What are your thoughts about Passive use?
  • What are the biggest benefits of BFR?
  • The added plus for fast twitch muscle fiber
  • muscle hypertrophy
  • How is BFR related to metabolism and to reaction skills
  • And specifically Bone density is a reason for weight bearing and weight training – with weight training having greater benefits especially after an age when for any individual high impact exercise either becomes uncomfortable, or unsafe, or both. There seems to be less research
  • The specific scientific studies use protocols like these, what’s your though on using bands with your usual set of exercises – say a common super set alternating two exercises for 3 or 4 sets wearing the BFR?
  • What are your thoughts on sticking to protocols?

Examples of protocols that are published:

  1. 3 sets: 30 repetitions, 25 repetitions, and 20 repetitions with 15 seconds rest between each set
  2. 4 sets: 30 repetitions, followed by 3 sets of 15 repetitions with 30 seconds rest between sets

Mentioned on the show:

  • 15 minutes on arms
  • 20 minutes on legs
  • Rest a minute – releasing the bands – then do a next exercise

Flipping 50 listeners: Visit for free bonus

Then register! For the STRONGER program that is introducing it as an option if you’d rather do lighter than heavier (or need to)

Hurry! The window closes soon! January 5th is the last day!

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Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts of 2019

It’s an annual tradition to do a top 10 most popular podcast episodes list. So here’s the 2019 edition just in time for you to launch your 2020. These are based on the number of downloads.

At the end of this post, leave a comment about what you’d love to hear more of in 2020. I’d love to hear from you about what topics are most important to you in 2020.

What would you love to learn more about? Is there something that still confuses you? What interests and excites you? How can I help you? What’s challenging to you right now?

Link to all of the most popular podcasts of 2019 and subscribe in iTunes by clicking here or link to the show notes with any of the titles below.

[I would truly appreciate your rating and comment in iTunes. It really helps our show grow and share the importance of positive and proven science in this second half!]

The Top 10 Most Popular Podcast Episodes

Here they are in a Letterman-style countdown to the #1 top podcast of 2019.

#10 How to Change the Way You Age |Bolder is Better  

So no secrets this episode with Growing Bolder founder Marc Middleton is one of my favorites of the year. I love everything the folks at GB stand for and if you’re not already, highly recommend you follow them too! 

#9 5 Mindset Shifts for Better Fitness in Menopause  

There’s going to be much more evidence in 2020 that your mindset is pliable. Whatever you believe right now has gotten you here. It led to the habits you have. And we know it influences your physical body. So dive into this short podcast about 5 different mindsets to see if you default to one that might be holding you back. 

#8 When Menopause Weight and Inches Won’t Budge  

Explore possible reasons you try to exercise and eat right but it’s not working. There’s no judgment or blame. It’s not you and something you’re doing wrong. But it might be that you’ve been led to believe the wrong thing at some point in your life and you don’t know it. This episode is about hope and help.

Are you registered for a 2020 program that is going to flip your metabolism, confidence, and optimal aging into this next decade better!? STRONGER I is open as I post… but it’s closing and only opens a few times a year. Click here. 

#7 5 Simple Steps that Balance Your Hormones You’ll Love

Next up is an interview with Dr. Brooke Kalanick about her new book was the focus of this episode. She is definitely talking the Flipping 50 language. Much of the episode (and the book) reviews so many of the topics we cover all year at Flipping 50. Yet, there’s a couple nuggets of content that may give you insight to a challenge you’ve been struggling with you don’t hear a lot about. 

#6 When You Want To Want Sex But Don’t

Maybe it was you, maybe your partner, but this interview with my friend Susan Bratton is a hot one! Libido is one of the regular topics here at Flipping 50 and we dive right into it, no apologies. If you have children in the car, you might want to wait to listen later.

#5 Exercise for Cellulite Reduction Solutions | Science & Proven Results

Actually, this is one of those topics we’ll come back to as science discovers more. I share 5 contributing factors to cellulite. I add at least six things that support you in reducing the appearance of cellulite. This continues to be a topic since as estrogen drops your skin changes. You’re not doomed though!

#4 10 Upper Arm Toning Exercises You Can Do At Home

Ah, the bingo wings win again. If that’s a spot you’d love to target I address it here in a podcast of all places, and provided a cheat sheet in this episode’s show notes and a video that explains how to get started. You can do these all at home!

#3 Protein Intake and Strength Training After 50 | 10 Studies

So this episode explores 10 more recent studies about the combination of strength training and protein in your life. From metabolism to decreasing risk of frailty that lead to falls and early death it’s all in here. If you’re curious about why I opted to carry a clean protein product after saying I never would for 30 years? It’s in here. I love science and demand it and so do you.

If you’ve been following trends and fads and you’re frustrated with results, it’s time to let science point you in the right direction. For that reason, the studies I pull and share are all about you, featuring women just like you.

#2 Metabolism Reset with Dr. Alan Christianson 

So it’s definitely that time of year! This episode hit at just the right time last year too and metabolism is always going to be a factor in this second half. In an interview episode one of our favorite (yours and mine both) interviewees is back! We talk new book, but most importantly new metabolism thinking for you!

#1 Core Challenge for Strong, Safe, and Centered Fitness

The number one most popular podcast of 2019 was all about core. Why isn’t your core working? How can you turn it around? What exercises are best? What core exercises are worst? I answer it all in this episode. Get a free cheat sheet in this episode too (and save it on your device so you can click the live links to video demonstrations!)

So there you have it! Our listener votes for most popular Flipping 50 podcasts of 2020.

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment!

Are You Bloated? Feeling Fluffy? All About Why Inside 

Are you bloated? Feeling fluffy? We’re talking about why today. The ever changing hormone game makes gut health quite a ride. My guest has so many good tips and tidbits that you’ll probably come back to this one!


My guest today is Sarah Greenfield is a Functional Dietitian and Founder of the Fearless Fig. She is a gut health expert and poop aficionado with a strong passion for helping women heal their gut. She works with her clients to change they way they think about health, identify root cause of health imbalances (like feeling bloated) and provide the education and tools needed to make a long-lasting change. Sarah has been featured on Buzzfeed, Men’s Health, Self, and Tedx Talk.

Questions we covered in this episode:

  1. What happens in the gut when eating a paleo diet, Keto diet, standard American diet, and during intermittent fasting?
  2. What three things do you recommend for women in perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause?
  3. What do you recommend for women who feel bloated? What is it a sign of?
  4. How can feeling “fluffy” or soft be connected to digestive health?
  5. If bitters, bitter food, or Betaine HCL are used, are they permanent or how long do you suggest using and then removing or weaning?

Learn more about your poop with Sarah’s guide:

Connect with Sarah on social media






Use Flipping50 for 20% off

Use code: Flipping50  and save 20%!

Happy hormones not the way you’d describe right now?

This episode is more evidence that others have figured it out and you can too. Nutritional therapist Nicki Williams has changed her life since discovering how to change her own life.

Nicki Williams is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, author, speaker and founder of Happy Hormones for Life, helping women over 40 to get back to their absolute best – slimmer, energized, more productive and in full control of their hormones!

After failing to find any medical help for her symptoms of exhaustion, weight gain and hormone issues herself in her early 40’s, she discovered that she could turn things around using diet, lifestyle and natural supplements.

She went on to qualify as a nutritional therapist and hormone expert, and now helps women all over the world with her online programs, hormone testing, workshops and individual and group coaching.

She has recently published her first book,

It’s not you, it’s your hormones; The essential guide for women over 40 to fight fat, fatigue and hormone havoc.

She is the editor at Happy Hormones Magazine. Tell us about.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  1. Why did you become a hormone expert and author?
  2. What do listeners need to know about their hormones past 50?
  3. What do you find are the most common symptoms women are struggling with?
  4. What are the options for getting the support they need?
  5. What are your top natural solutions for menopause symptoms?

Free Hormone Balancing Guide:


Connect with Nicki:

Amazon UK link

Amazon US link



Twitter: @nickijwilliams


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Is it Mediterranean magic?

How would you love to enjoy all of your favorite foods full of flavor and still enjoy good- if not excellent health? The secret is no secret – it’s the Mediterranean diet, and my guest on this episode wrote the book literally on how and why it’s such a winner for heart health, and optimizing weight during menopause and beyond.

My Guest:

Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, FAAFP, CNS

Steven Masley MD is a physician, nutritionist, author, trained-chef, European sailboat captain, and the creator of the #1 all-time health program for Public Television, 30 Days to a Younger Heart.

He is a fellow with the American Heart Association and the American College of Nutrition, plus he is an Affiliate Clinical Associate Professor at the University of South Florida.

He has published several books and his latest is The Mediterranean Method. He has appeared on over 700 media interviews, including public television, The Today Show, and the Discovery Channel.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  1. What is a Mediterranean Diet?
  2. What are common myths regarding this plan?
  3. How does it benefit your Health (Weight, Heart, Brain, Gut, Longevity)
  4. Tell us about your skinny twist on this plan and why it needed some change?
  5. You say that this is not just the best diet on the planet, but also the easiest diet to follow. Why is it so easy to stay with it?
  6. Beyond the food and diet, what other aspects of a Mediterranean Method benefit health?
  7. What are examples of recipes that come with this plan?

Buy your copy between now and the end of January, and get free cooking video classes!!

Use the following link:

Resources mentioned on the show:

Love to Save? Use link: Flipping50 for 20% off

Time is running out. Last minute gifts are the topic of the day! Please tell me I’m not the only one doing some last minute shopping this weekend? Or responding to “what do you want for Christmas?” from others?

My personal list is really short this year. There isn’t really a list of things anyone but me can give me and knowing that is a gift in itself. I don’t want a sweater or a sweatshirt or more tights or jackets. I don’t want a massage or a facial. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of things like those that I’d enjoy. But without what really makes you happy down deep those things are really quite inadequate.

I have had some amazing gifts in my life.

One of the best gifts I’ve ever been given as an adult was a card after I’d completed one of my early Ironman. It was a gift promising the registration and travel and all the visors and t-shirts I wanted for any Ironman I wanted to do in the future.

Another gift I’ve received, two actually from my big sister as a child may not have been Christmas gifts but they were the kind of gifts that inspire dreams and imagination. I kept both for decades. One was a drafting table and the other was a subscription to Print Magazine. As a budding graphic designer I was in heaven. I used those tattered subscriptions for inspiration for years.

So that’s the bar I’m holding this post to and hope it inspires something amazing for you. None of these gifts were something to be consumed and finished. They were the beginning of something. That’s what I hope you’ll find below.

1 The Flipping 50 Retreat

If you’d love to attend this desert retreat full of hiking and habit change, now is the time. Special 25% off right now with code “holiday”. Your dates are January 30th – Feb 2. (Arrive the afternoon on the 30th and leave no sooner than late afternoon the 2nd). As soon as you’re in I’ll share the training schedule and local lodging options with you (it is a busy time in the sunshine of Scottsdale so you’ll want to book soon).

This is a 3 day event, and it’s intended to change the way you feel about habits, and look at adjusting your mindset, your skills, and influencing your entire year beyond these days. Experiences away from your routine are the perfect setting to change your life. Pivotal moments occur when you’re out of your every day environment.

2 DNA Testing

Would you love to know how your genetics predispose you to get fit faster with more or less endurance or strength training? Would it change the way you ate if you knew you’re genetically predisposed to be at optimal weight with a higher carbohydrate or fat diet?

Would you be more likely to take those vitamins if you knew that they supported your optimal aging and avoiding specific diseases your genes otherwise predispose you for?

Do you want to have an easier time with weight loss and exercise? Genetic testing, that provides an extensive list of truths about you, and what you can do to either express certain genes or suppress them, can make fitness so much easier than randomly following a program or exercise videos.

Even if you’re following a specific program like Stronger or doing The Whole Flip, you’ll have the most success and get fit the quickest and most enjoyable way if we exercise according to your body’s unique preferences.

If you’re interested in what your genetics tell you about your optimal exercise, motivation, and nutrition for results so we can customize your fitness program further, message me about a combination DNA and review of results session. We can look at DNA specific to weight loss, nutrition, performance, or endurance. Here are the three options below. Use mygenes15 for 15% off your test, results, and review session.

3 Hormone and Micronutrient Testing 

Dig deep into what’s really going on in your body and get a review of results based on “optimal” levels instead of a comparison to “normal” levels which include a the average of a lot of unhealthy people. You order labs yourself, called self-directed labs, and then share them with me. We meet for a coaching session and review your lab along with your current exercise and lifestyle habits and how you’re feeling. From that you get habits you may want to consider to improve your levels – or you’re retesting and understanding the impact of your fitness and health habits on your results.

Choose your lab here. There are two packages available or you may choose ala carte. If you do choose a package use code: Flipping50now to take $200 off the Elite panel (already a bundle of savings!) or the more all-inclusive Transformation panel. 

If you haven’t peeked under the hood and you’ve got a few mysteries about your status that don’t add up for you, lab testing together with your own signs and symptoms will give you a better strategy for success.


Now’s the time to set 2020 into action! You can register for Stronger I now for 25% off regular rate. This 12-week program is designed for you (hormone balancing fitness based on women in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause). You’re not broken! You do have very different needs than a 25-year old athletic male, however. And yet most research is based on that demographic – or at least a demographic other than you.

No coupon needed, discount is taken at checkout… but time is running out. You’ll be able to register later but there’s no early discount after December 24.

See details here about this popular strength program where you’ll work at home, interact with your peers, and have access to me in your private Facebook group.

Women's Health Coaching After 50: 90 Day5 Private Coaching

Checking in regularly with someone who has your back, is going to ask you challenge questions, and help you determine next steps that makes sense, accelerates your progress. You may get there eventually on your own. But most of us tend to take detours. We read 3 (or 6) articles on line and then can’t decide which one really applies to us.

We get overwhelmed with choices and don’t do anything. Or we do lots of things all at once and then have no idea what worked and didn’t.

If you want and need help making your program custom – because you’re not able to do it for yourself. You’re not alone:

“You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.”

Or if you have a special condition or circumstances that are making it a challenge to take forward action without setbacks, then private coaching is the best and fastest way to know you’re moving in the right direction. You still do the work. But the follow through and specific plan with a reason why, help you do it, and determine realistic goals every week (and day) that add up to success.

You’ve got two options. First, VIP coaching is one-on-one and includes weekly exercise plans (daily workouts), nutrition to support your exercise, daily habits, recommendations for additional considerations like testing or questions for your practitioner, and access to Debra for quick questions that no one else has. Your VIP packages are 3 or 6 months with weekly calls. You have two convenient ways to pay. Full pay option provides you with full access to the Flipping 50 membership during coaching.

Second, if you’re already enrolled or have recently completed a Flipping 50 program, you’re eligible for a “Fast Flip” coaching package. The accountability of weekly calls and access to ask Debra anything are still a part. You get a strategy to focus on for the next week during your weekly check in calls with her so you can continue the momentum of your program or deepen the customization of one you’re in. Send us a message at to request a Fast Flip invitation.

Looking for something else? Stocking Stuffers? Grab my Holiday Gift Guide! It’s a few of my favorite things, and then some!

Is Mold the Reason for Your Weight Gain?

In this episode we’re exploring whether mold could be to blame for your weight gain. I don’t know if that’s true for you, but it might be causing my weight gain!

I share my backstory from nearly a year ago right now when a septic tank back up started a spiral of a year

2:13 CBD for Life

Dr. Ann Shippy is on a mission to educate and help people across the world live the healthiest, most optimal lives possible using cutting-edge science, research and genetic information to find and treat root causes–not just symptoms–of illness.

Specializing in environmental toxicity, preconception and reproductive wellness, and mold exposure, Dr. Shippy has designed life-altering treatments and protocols for her patients using epigenetic information (the study of DNA expression) and the human body’s incredible ability to express or repress helpful or detrimental genes, as well as prevent, heal and even reverse certain illnesses.

After a decade of working as an IBM engineer, her challenging experience with traditional medicine motivated her to search for her own health answers, so she left engineering to attend the University of Texas Medical School.

Shippy is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a certified Functional Medicine physician with a thriving practice in Austin, Texas. She is also the author of two books and is currently working on a third.

She believes that we can Get Better With Age™ and everyone deserves to live well. #everylifewell #everybabywell

Questions we cover in this episode:

1) How much overlap is there between symptoms of mold and menopause?

2) What other symptoms are missed by people who have mold toxins and don’t know it?

3) What do you do when you’re exposed and know it?

4) Could mold be related to weight gain?

5) and how is it the ability to make more fat is lucky?

Wonder if your weight gain might be mold?

You can download Dr. Shippy’s “Could It Be Mold?” fact sheet at

Resources:  Save 20% with Flipping50

Dr. Shippy’s book is available on Amazon

Every Monday is “moldy Monday” on her social media channels with tips you can use for staying well

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  5. Know how much I appreciate you doing this!

Exercising? Need a restart? Join me and let’s do this together!

11 Reasons Why Fiber is Critical for After 50 Fitness

1) It helps remove toxins stored in fat cells so your energy can soar

2) It helps eliminate those toxins once they’re released so you can lose weight easier

3) It helps remove excess estrogen – the types you don’t want more of and that make you estrogen dominant, supporting better hormone balance.

3) It helps you go more regularly more effortlessly – and a huge % of women over 50 are constipated and have accepted that as normal – it is not! Your belly will look and feel so much better when you fully eliminate.

4) It improves good/bad bacteria balance in the gut by feeding the good bacteria.- which can reduce gas and bloating too many women in midlife experience frequently.

5) It keeps you full longer so you can kill cravings and avoid temptation. (Pair it with protein and you’re golden).

6) It supports stable blood sugar levels so your energy is constant.

7) It helps remove cholesterol from your body and after menopause more women find cholesterol numbers jump higher.

8) Helps you avoid diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer, and breast cancer.

9) It is tied to reduction in blood pressure – another problem that can happen in midlife when hormones begin to change the game.

10) It reduces inflammation – which is again tied to bad bacteria taking over internally.

11) If you are exposed to toxins (mercury, pesticides, BPA) unknowingly, fiber in your diet daily helps reduce the time they’re in your body.

Count on it

Take a week and track all your fiber. If you already use a food app, many will track your fiber intake for you. Otherwise, read labels and ask Google. Write it all down.

All you want to do first is count the number of grams you get daily. Do it for 5 days. What’s your average intake? Do you have a big range? What days are you low on fiber? Can you tie it to patterns in how often you poop or your energy levels?

Why Fiber Minimums are Not Enough

The recommendation for fiber is lower than any generation before us used to eat. Yet we’ve got more toxin exposure, stress, and less time to rest than ever. That doesn’t add up to a good digestive system.

Women over 50 are recommended to get 21 grams of fiber (men more). That’s a downshift from under 50, which was 25 grams. That seems completely backwards to me. Ancestors (with all the Paleo hype, it’s relative) ate something like 135 grams of fiber a day. (No, not a typo). The average fiber intake for Americans is 15 grams.

I shoot for 15 grams of fiber in a smoothie before 9 am! (Plus the 30 grams of protein and packed-with antioxidants from veggies and small amount of fruit? And I’m full for hours… in minutes… for less $ than any other meal would cost).

Ultimately, between 35 and 50 grams of fiber daily is linked to more optimal weight, energy, and health according to nutrition and functional medicine doctors who specialize in gut health. [I’ll link to some of the interviews on Flipping 50 covering gut health.]

How to Start Your Fiber Boost

Find your average first. Don’t shoot for some arbitrary goal. Too much too soon isn’t good. Let your body adapt to slow changes and you’ll feel great along the way. Add 5 grams to your current daily average. Stick with that goal for a week. As you increase fiber increase water consumption, too (all ways count- water, higher water foods).

Feeling bloated, heavy, or “full” does not enhance desire to exercise! And yes, exercise can help, but you got to be feeling good to start. Once you begin moving more physically will definitely mean you move things more effectively on the inside.

When you have more stable blood sugar levels thanks to increases in fiber and feel “lighter” because of better elimination when that window of time to exercise opens you won’t be tempted to skip it because your ravished or trashed – you’ll be ready and wanting to be active.

Types of Fiber

You’ve been learning this since 5th grade but just for a helpful reminder.

Soluble fiber

This dissolves in water and forms a gel-like material. It’s found in oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, and psyllium.


This promotes movement of material through your digestive system and increases stool bulk. Beans and cauliflower, sweet potatoes are good sources. So are whole wheat flour and wheat bran, but if you’ve got a food sensitivity like so many women in Flipping 50 programs (who didn’t realize it), you want to look for other options.

Food is always the best source of fiber because it contains vitamins and minerals too. But in a busy world if you’re not getting adequate fiber (and trying to bump your intake) a supplement can work. I choose one that is made with a variety of fiber sourced from real foods so my body thinks it’s just like a plate of food. I use it in every smoothie and for midday cravings you can add it to a glass of water if you’re trying not to snack to reset your hormones. A teaspoon adds 4-5 grams of fiber. Daily? Or a couple times a day that’s a big boost.

The Carbohydrate Problem

If you’re barely eating carbs, and you’ve stopped grains pretty much altogether, you have fewer sources of fiber. So beware if you thought no carbs would make it easy to lose weight, you want to shift to resistant starches that will help stabilize blood sugar, and still allow you to get adequate fiber.

Smoothies – it’s a vessel for fiber plus protein, antioxidants, healthy fat, and 2-3 servings of vegetables that juice is definitely not, and neither is eggs and bacon

Soups and Chili – packed with beans and sweet potatoes along with other veggies and topped with avocado, they’ll put you well on your way to a high fiber day

High Fiber Food Sources

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Interview with Gut Expert Summer Bock

How Your Poop Can Help You Lose Toxic Fat

7 Simple Interval Training Workouts for the Holidays

This post is all about interval training workouts you can do during the holidays (and busy times any year) and why they work. I’m sharing my Interval Training guide that includes 7 workouts, plus two little travel workouts you can do without equipment in a hotel room or in the guest room before your hosts even wake up. You can overdo a good thing though, so if you’re an overachiever, listen all the way through!

–Before we dive in though….

This episode is sponsored by CBD For Life.

You can get 20% off as a Flipping 50 listener by using Flipping50 at checkout.


Short on time? Lucky you!

It just might save you from yourself! Any self-respecting woman over 50 almost can’t help herself from exercising in a way that will make her feel worse not better.

What I mean by that is this: you can likely remember the day when you went to hour-long aerobics classes and then did more time on the cardio equipment. The longer you worked out the more fit you would get, or so you thought. That was just the thought of the day when it comes to fitness. More is better.

Having just recently finished Ironman Cozumel I am happy to be doing 20 minutes of exercise a day this month. And so is my body. Too much cardio causes inflammation and weight gain especially when you’re in that middle of menopause storm. I’m exhibit A if I’m sharing gory details. I gained 9 lbs. this year during training. Not loving that, and no, it’s not muscle. If you think that more exercise, and more intensity, is the answer, I can assure you that it’s not.

Fat Storage and Stress

The body will either store more fat or fail to release fat if you’re tipping cortisol. And during the many hormone changes during menopause you’re more susceptible to the negative effects of outside sources of stress, too. In my case mold exposure is probably a big factor for me too – but exposure to toxins can easily effect any of us –  and you’ll hear more about that in an upcoming podcast.

Exercise of any type is stress. A reasonable amount of stress for your body is Okay. Too much when considering all else going on in your body (and mind) and you’ll have an extremely hard time losing weight. Less is more when it comes to exercise, and for the woman who wants good results without tons of time to spend, interval training is the answer.

One major mistake women write me every day is that they don’t have time to make exercise a full time job… here’s the good news: that would be a complete mistake! So it’s really important if you seek balance that yes you move, but that you do not exercise for hours a day.

Getting the Best Solution

Have you ever been to the Clinique counter? Done the skin test where you slide the bars over your answer in response to questions? Well, similar to that the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women (the formula) is based on the signs and symptoms you’re hormones are messaging you with. They tell us simply what you should be doing, how it’s working, and how to adjust.

A key in the formula is shorter intense workouts. It’s really best to ditch those hour-long classes and runs – even if your head thinks you need them – if it’s not getting results you want, more of it isn’t going to suddenly get better results.

So your holiday craziness from decking the halls to shoveling snow, to shopping (on your feet rather than online) to skiing with the fam and charades at the office party – all count. Don’t wish it away, embrace it!

What Your Brain Remembers

Back in your 20s or 30’s you may remember then the belief was that if you didn’t have at least 20 minutes it really wasn’t worth it. Plus, all the skinny girls were on the Stairmaster for at least an hour.

If you try that now you’ll probably gain weight not lose it. And be so tired tomorrow you won’t want to get up. Trying to exercise the way you did when you were 20 or 30 is going to make you less fit, feel worse, and potentially make you resistant to weight loss.

The trick? Say a little thank you for that list you’re checking twice this month. All you need is about 20 minutes to get a good interval training session in. Even as little as 10 minutes can be effective.

The advantages of interval training workouts after 50 are many:

  • You boost your energy instead of draining it.
  • You increase your fast twitch muscle fiber.
  • You balance as opposed to trashing your hormones.
  • You actually look forward to it.
  • You can use any exercise mode you enjoy.
  • No equipment required.

Don’t forget your copy of my 7 Simple Interval Training Workouts guide in the show notes for episode, so be sure that you visit the show notes where you can download the book directly from the link. Consider it my gift to you this season. If you’re working, you’re wrapping, and doing those intervals you may need a little pampering.


Don’t forget your 20% off code Flipping50 at CBD for Life

There’s no need to worry you don’t have time, or that you can’t get to the gym. There are so many things you can do right at home –even in the smallest of spaces– at home or traveling.

Questions I answered in this episode:

  • Why is interval training better than longer workouts?
  • How can short be so much more effective?
  • Why interval training workouts after 50?
  • How much is enough and how much is too much?
  • Can I use strength training for my interval training? Or do them together?
  • How do longer workouts make hormones worse?


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How Does Health Coaching Work?

Today’s episode is pretty much a health coaching call with me. Unless you actually have coached or are a coach it’s hard to know what to expect and how it works. There’s a little dance between asking, listening, suggesting, and providing homework that will give us data.

You can’t see it all here but you can see how we uncover and I play roles as a fitness expert teaching, as well as asking what’s true. In a next session of course there would be more to go on for the choices my client, in this case, Annette would have to consider.

Then we co-collaborate on next steps. But this is a perfect example of someone maybe like you – who isn’t finding it works any more and how we’d explore data collection to give us some clues about why.

How often have you had a question answered before you knew to ask the question by listening to a conversation?

I’m not talking exactly about eavesdropping but you’re invited to listen to a conversation today between myself and Annette, a brand new Flipping 50 virtual member.

Her questions were so on-target with many of our new members that I wanted to do a live health coaching session with her and let you listen.

You’ll be able to hear as the coaching conversation unfolds, how I pick up on certain important points Annette shares. And if you don’t, that could be huge insight for you on what you want to take a closer look at.

Questions we answered in this health coaching session:

  • What is your definition of “healthy eating,” can you describe that?
  • How much protein do you have each meal?
  • Are you aware of your response to food sensitivities like gluten and wheat, or eggs?
  • Can you describe your exercise history?
  • What’s a typical exercise week look like?
  • Why are you so sure not to go heavier than 10 lbs with weight training?
  • Are you concerned about bone density?
  • Health coaching around fitness, especially for women in midlife and older is more than just giving an exercise prescription to follow. It’s listening for the best place to start with one or two small steps based on what’s happening now for the person.

Did you hear how comfortable and valuable coaching can be?

Then two small pieces of homework that could change everything are given. No overwhelm but a concrete way to start moving in a better direction.

Leave a comment below the show notes. Maybe I’ll choose you to be a guest for a complimentary coaching call.

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