“Your skin is glowing.” Glowing skin is enviable at any age. But at a time where you look in the mirror and seemingly detect new signs of aging daily, a compliment like that is gold.

Gotta say I did not hate that. I heard this half a dozen times the past weekend. It made me do a lot of reflection on what garnered the comments. I think it’s ALL the things it’s not one thing. It’s not just doing but specific things exercise, sleep, hydration and nutrition-wise. I can’t cut corners.

But it’s also a few extra things I’ve learned along the way. Some products are just better. Better not just by not being worse (toxic): by creating a better environment in the body. Here they are… all the things to love your skin with inside and out.

This is nice but it’s not where glowing skin is born or nurtured most.

Exercise for Glowing Skin.

Sweat is detox! But greater good happens when you’re moving that energy through your body than just sitting in 100 heat or having a hot flash. (We’d all be glowing if it just took that right?) Get oxygen-rich blood flowing and bring heat release to the surface of your skin.

Get a good sweat on several times a week. Turning upside down occasionally (in down dog or handstands) is also beneficial!


Then rehydrate. Do the push or pull test. If you grab a little skin from the back of your hand or you push your arm how quickly does it return to normal? Instantly? You’re well hydrated. Does the skin stay disrupted for longer? You need to you’re your insides sister. Drink up.

I love to make a lemon or limeade during the afternoon to keep up my water intake. I start out well in the morning but can slack in the afternoon. I don’t resort to coconut water (sugar water in my opinion) but I will squeeze a little lemon or lime and add a couple drops of stevia into a BIG Yeti full of cold water and ice.

I’ve been lucky to have facials and massages and be told what great skin I have. I always passed it off as nice, but never really took it in. (Because we always want better, right?) Yet, when someone sees lots of skin regularly, it’s probably a real compliment when they tell you that! The thing is, I don’t feel I do anything anyone else doesn’t do. But it may be that the consistency of outdoor exercise, plenty of excusing myself early to get to sleep, little alcohol, and a sense of purpose actually add up to good skin.

Feed Your Glowing Skin.

Tons of vegetables are always a part of my diet. From breakfast green smoothies (I’ve also been known to feast on leftover broccoli along with my protein choice for breakfast) to dinner I’ve usually not got less than 2 cups at any meal. Then you know I am a protein believer. Whether you take protein from plants or animals, test your needs yourself, but for muscles and skin, you need it.

Yet, none of us gets good nutrition we need all the time. Constant attention to healthy fats, protein and collagen, and veggies even will find you at the airport choosing from bad and worse at some point. A multivitamin is a minimal must. I rotate two. (I believe in complimenting every healthy habit with an alternate).

My two multivitamins favorites both cater to women’s needs. We’re typically deficient in specific vitamins and minerals and both my choices (see flippingfifty.com/resources) contain more of what we need. Nutreince also features non-compete technology – in a powdered form to drink – so you absorb more goodness instead of flushing it.

If you don’t like powder (dissolves in liquid and is absorbed more completely) they do now make capsules and I stopped them recently to ask why now.


Your skin does an overnight makeover for you if you let it. There is nothing like a deep sleep for better skin. (I wear and swear by an eye mask at home and traveling. It boosts melatonin production.)

Get out!

Last but not least is sunshine and fresh air! If you work inside, workout inside, and don’t make it a point to get outdoors you’re constantly in stale air. If you travel in ubers, airports, planes, hotels… even more so. Get outside and breath in some fresh air. Green space is best. No telling whether this is from the outside or the inside or both but happiness and calm from nature is real science. Relaxing some of those fine lines can help your glowing skin cause.


I can’t leave this out… happiness. Happiness does amazing things for your hormones. If you love your life, love what you’re doing every day you get up with purpose excited about possibilities? It will show. If you don’t love your life start there. Imagine a life you WOULD LOVE. What would you love?

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Mary Morrissey speak (and her husband sing). It was the question she posed. How rarely we ask that of ourselves. What would you love? And for women I’ve worked with since 2000 when I because a “life” coach (which is a title a little too God-like for me: I do not us ever), the question “what do you want” was the hardest to answer.

If you can’t answer or imagine and vision it into reality, you can’t have it. So start nailing this one.

Skincare for Glowing Skin

Inside out. I start with Annmarie Skincare products and yet, I rotate. Like my vitamins (see above). You can get a free sample kit of Annmarie products (based on your skin type) – you just pay shipping, they give you a $10 gift certificate to use if you love it!

The other new love in my skincare life is the Natural Facelift by my friend Trina Felber. Hello, game changer. We just recently did a podcast on label reading and talked about this. If you’re stuck between skincare products like I was five years ago (fine lines AND breakouts? no thanks)– my own personal climate change – these have both been great changes for me. So much that friends this last weekend were saying I was glowing. I’ll take that!

Do you remember 10-0-Six lotion and Love’s Baby Soft? My earliest beauty products. Somehow that memory makes me want to reach for a Teen magazine. Anyone else want to kick herself for thinking she had problems then? 

One last secret to share…

Enjoy Infrared Sauna

So I mentioned above, sweating during exercise is more beneficial than just sweating. But sweating in a sauna has benefits. You’ve got
to be in the right amount of near, mid, and far infrared. (mid targets soft tissue and joints so it’s excellent holistic pain relief) The benefits of the right sauna are amazing. I used mine all spring for detox.

I’d been using it for about 7 months, but I was diligent when I wasn’t traveling from January to June. I had mold in the house I was renting after a septic tank back up December 23. It took far too long to get the water cleaned up, the area wasn’t sealed off, and the mold was still there after supposed mitigation. Then a landlord who opted not to do anything further. I was sick three times in eight weeks and lived with low level feelings of ick for months until it was confirmed. I moved as quickly as possible.

The windfall from the sauna was not only the mold detox but the residual glowing skin. Though I’m in Scottsdale in high temps right now, I am unpacking that and I now have a dedicated “sauna room” even though I use a personal (and portable) option. 

Psst… if you’re reading this is August.. it’s Sunlighten’s 20th anniversary.. so don’t delay if you’re considering it! Listen, sauna in a snowstorm in Boulder is delicious warmth, but even in Scottsdale the benefits are too good not to use! Where ever else you live… you live in that skin!

As long as I’m renting it’s the easiest thing to do. And much as I thought it wouldn’t compare to a sit-in style, I LOVE it. It’s a short power nap for me in addition to the sweat-fest for 35-40 minutes a few times a week. I tend to use it to listen to a podcast or audio book and catch up. I’m a believer in the power of subliminal listening.

and… the folks at Sunlighten have a new baby! The LumiNIR wand is a light handheld device that is turning back the clock. It’s super cool and if you (like I) love the idea of stimulating natural rejuvenation? You’ll love it. More on that soon with Alicia because we are talking that up! Watch for it the end of the month but if you can’t wait? I’ll share a link to see it. 

How to Read a Skincare Label and Find the Hidden Toxins

How would you like to be at Whole Foods, read a skincare label and know if it’s worth your health or worth your money in about 10 seconds?

How’s that related to hormone balancing fitness? The question is, how’s it not? Everything you put on and in you effects your endocrine system positively or negatively.

Endocrine & Exercise

It’s more than exercise.. which is what the Flipping 50 Member box is all about. The Flipping 50 Member Box is the sponsor of this podcast.

Exercise is step one toward fitness, but when you’re not seeing or feeling results, it’s the rest of the After 50 Fitness Formula that is probably holding you back. The Flipping 50 Member boxgets you an exclusive box of best products that won’t disrupt your endocrine system, or clog you up with toxins.

It gives you the opportunity to keep buying them if you love them for much less than you’ll find anywhere else. It’s like an exclusive membership to a marketplace designed around clean health and best practices – items hard to find elsewhere you probably won’t stumble across on your own in a busy life.

It’s health right to your doorstep every month in the way of products you might never hear about or try…handpicked by me.

Maybe you’ll see today’s guest’s yummy coffee bean serum in the Flipping 50 Member box!

My How to Read a Skincare Label Expert Guest: 

Trina Felber is the Creator and CEO of Primal Life Organics, a premier, all-natural skin and dental care company.

With more than 25 year’s experience as a registered nurse, Trina is your Natural Health & Beauty Nurse.  Trina adds her nursing care to every product she creates to bring the body back into balance, beauty and harmony.  She is the best-selling author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret and believes Balance Builds Beauty when it comes to health and wellness.

Her entrepreneurial skills and business-savvy mindset are an inspiration to women everywhere.

You will learn in this episode:

  • Tips to clean out your bathroom cabinet and clean up your health act
  • How to read a skincare label
  • Back to school supplies include beauty products?
  • The premature aging ingredient you’d never suspect in your beauty products…
  • Are you paying a lot of money for the product or the promise… how to know?

Questions We Cover in this episode:

  1. Why is it important to know what is in your skincare?
  2. Most skincare is in plastic- but yours is in glass.  Is plastic bad for skincare?
  3. Are there “hidden” toxins in organic, natural and “safer” skincare?  If so, how do we find them?
  4. What is the difference between organic and wild crafted
  5. You have five tips on how to read a skincare label- can you tell us these?

“It takes 26 seconds from skin into bloodstream” and goes directly throughout the body traveling to brain, heart, lungs.

Don’t be fooled: “safer” = safe with a risk.


Facebook: Primal Life Organics

IG: @primallifeorg

Twitter: @primallifeorg

Get your DYI Natural Facelift kit

A small habit 2-3 minutes a day every day will make a difference!

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What can Chinese Medicine do for menopause symptoms?

New to Chinese medicine? But so done with hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia? Then you’re in for a treat and you can join me while I get schooled on the benefits of Chinese medicine for menopause symptoms.

“What if you were center of your own world?”

My Guest:

Brodie Welch, L.Ac., M.S.O.M.  is a transformational coach, Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, and holistic health educator. She’s at the confluence of the health and personal evolution.

She’s the creator and host of A Healthy Curiosity: the podcast that explores what it takes to be well in a busy world.

A lifelong student of consciousness, Brodie has been practicing meditation, yoga, and qi gong for over twenty years. She holds teaching certifications in each of these disciplines.

Brodie synthesizes ancient biohacking techniques from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and yoga with the latest health research.  She helps self-aware, high-achieving women break the cycle of stress, overwhelm, and self-sabotage.  Ultimately, they can enjoy the lives they’re working so hard to create, and live into their potential.

Questions We Cover in this episode: 

  • From your background in Chinese Medicine — how can Chinese Medicine help us flip 50?
  • You and I were on the set of the Dr. Nandi show together for an episode on simple exercise at any age. Share with our listeners what you were there to talk about.
  • You work with a lot of women going through menopause symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety: what’s happening here from a Chinese Medicine perspective?
  • There are lots of different ways that we can show up at age 50 or 60 or 90.  From your perspective after seeing patients for over 15 years –what do you think makes the difference?
  • None of this is really news: but you’ve delved deeply into why people don’t do the things we know we need to do to take care of ourselves.  Why is it so hard?
  • You talk about self-care as a feminist issue, and “embodying self-respect.” What do you mean by that, and how can we actually embody self-respect as women?
  • How can we apply Chinese medicine for menopause symptoms navigation?

“Where are you investing your time & energy that don’t give you R.O.I?”

Connect to Brodie:



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Strength Training for Hormone Balance

Should you do 1, 2, or 3 sets of strength training for hormone balance? Research about strength training for women in menopause has answered that in a recent study. This study adds to mounting evidence of the best methods to support hormone balance and optimal aging.

In a true Bruce Springsteen description, strength training is muscle-making, fat-baking, figure-shaping, torso-trimming, mood-boosting, happiness-hacking, exercise.

I hope you live in a world where there’s no debate whether or not you should be strength training. The question is how do you do it best so there’s no injury all rewards?

So, just in case you want to know how that muscle loss shows up I’ve got the details. It’s not good. Your metabolism slows by about 5% every decade because of that muscle mass. Now, let’s say you also gain fat while you’re losing muscle, that’s not just a slower metabolism. It’s more risk for disease, more lethargy.

The Damage Muscle Loss Does

On the flip side, muscle is metabolically active. Some studies say it requires 35 calories to maintain a pound of muscle and 2 to maintain a pound of fat. (Yet, most of us will eat the same no matter what our weight). See the problem? That 33 calories per pound of muscle difference every day all year can help you with what should never have been accepted as “middle-age weight gain.”

It’s actually only middle-age inactivity, or middle-age inappropriate activity. You can aerobicize your way of this or randomly lift weights at the end of your fitness class. You can’t for that matter strength train on the whim of a fitness instructor’s decision the day you drop into a class. You need a strength training plan.

The best strength training plan would have been a progressive strength training plan begun in your 30s and 40s to prevent losses. (Muscle loss begins at 30 if you’re not lifting). Next best? Start now. You’re reading this. Did you lift today? or yesterday? Got two workouts on your calendar?

How Much Loss?

You lose (unless you’re lifting and eating correctly) 5-8 pounds of muscle mass every decade. If you eat too few calories and/or protein? You could lose muscle faster.

The percent of muscle mass you have can change by gaining fat too. So if you’re indulging in 2-3 glasses of wine, high carbs, and otherwise consuming sweets (it’s all sugar) regularly? As fat weight goes up, muscle mass declines even if you aren’t losing it.

It’s time to up your game.

What if you were to follow a simple weight training routine of 8 exercises 10-15 repetitions for 12 weeks?

The Study

A recent study adds to a growing research pool suggesting more sets within a strength training session is best if you’re flipping 50. The study on older women compared 1 vs. 3 strength-training sets effect on change in body composition.

The loss of body fat for the one set group was 2.4 compared to 6.1% loss of body fat in the 3 set group.

Loss of trunk fat only occurred in the 3 set group. That was a significant 6.8% loss in 12 weeks.

Ready to lift? Before you pick up your dumbbells, there’s even more good news.

Other health biomarkers were also positively affected in the 3-set group:

Strength Training for Hormone Balance Studies

Many studies are showing less is more when it comes to exercise, and my After 50 Fitness Formula featured in You Still Got It, Girl! supports that. However, it’s less frequent, less duration exercise of adequate intensity. Intensity with strength training comes through safe progression, and reaching muscular fatigue.

That’s not to be confused with simply fatigued, or tired.

If you’ve gone through an hour class jumping, battle roping, punching, doing burpees… you may be tired. But if each set of those 8-10 major muscle groups did not reach fatigue at the end of each set? You missed the metabolism-boosting fat loss mark. Bruce would be disappointed. Strength training for hormone balance includes optimizing cholesterol, fat, inflammation, and muscle.

Key flip:

Flipping 50 exercisers who want to make a difference is reaching fatigue in every set. If muscles aren’t brought to temporary fatigue they will not respond optimally for body composition or strength gains.


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Exercise for Hormone Balance2

Exercise for Hormone Balance

If you’re looking for a program designed for hormone balance (and inclusive of your joint needs and back-of-the-closet wants) Flipping 50 STRONGER was designed for women Flipping 50. We launch again soon.


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