Calories burned from exercise don’t make you fit. They don’t make you thinner or happier. Especially after 50 movement and physical activity is important. However, the decades of conditioning you’ve had for counting calories in vs. calories out could backfire …



exercise when you're sickShould You Exercise When You’re Sick?  

This winter and spring I’ve gotten this question quite a bit. I’m feeling as if I’ve done far too much research on the topic this cold and flu season for my tastes. As it …

I lost 6 3/4 inches and 5.2 lbs. The guidance in eating much “cleaner” and realizing it is much more doable and more simple than I ever thought it would be.

I had a lot of the knowledge previously but

How To Get Your Recovery Day Right

A recovery day is a secret weapon for any athlete, and it’s true for every woman (or man) flipping 50, too. You may have heard me say as I quote Joe Friel, “Exercise

How Improve Your Fitness without Exercise | Sauna Benefits

Wouldn’t it be nice to get fit without exercise? I’ve been asked that one. I may have looked back as if the inquiring mind had two heads, since I love the …


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