Protein-Packed Snacks for Holiday Health

I’m flipping traditions with these 4 protein-packed snacks, desserts, even breakfasts in this post!

I don’t know about you but in our family the baking began Thanksgiving week. It seems like Thanksgiving evening in fact …

coffee mint smoothie

Coffee Mint Smoothie


Mango Mama Healthy Sorbet

healthy nut butter balls Better Nut Butter Balls


healthy brownie barsChocolate Fudge Brownie Bars



Add banana and almond butter to a mixing bowl and mix (with …


active agingGetting older is inevitable. Aging and feeling old are optional. Active aging is a choice. Of course, you’re going to have birthdays, but what we know as the aging process is changing.

You can change your physical health by …

Do You Have A Fast Twitch Muscle Problem?

fast twitch muscleMuscle losses due to the aging process begin as young as 30 unless your exercise program has included resistance training exercise. Let’s get specific though. Between the ages 20 and 75 50% …


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