Flipping 50’s The Art of Change: Habits This New Year

The Art of Change: Habits and Goals For Your New Year

Today’s blog is all about prepping you for the New Year. The sister podcast also publishes today so be sure to go listen if you’d prefer it to reading! As you read all the way to the [...]

If You’re Serious About Weight Loss, Belly Fat Loss, and More Energy in 2017

Then this is a must-do. For 32 years I’ve worked with primarily women. Some who wanted to run marathons or triathlons. Many who wanted to lose weight, or feared fractures because of [...]

Time for Habit Change in the New Year with Dave Smith

Best Research Studies in 2016 for Women 50 and Over

I am a research geek. I love to scour the fitness association journals that fall into my inbox and dig further from the often misinterpreted articles forwarded to me by clients to find the best [...]

My Wishes for You This Holiday

This Christmas I haven’t sent out cards. I am not caught in the three-days-before-Christmas Day hustle. It’s been a year full of surprises, not all good. It has changed my wishes, [...]

The Best of 2016 Flipping 50 Podcasts: Six of the Best

The Best of 2016 Flipping 50 Blogs

These six blogs were selected based on a popularity contest. That’s right, these are the homecoming queen candidates of the blog class of 2016. The blog posts with the most likes, comments, and [...]

Will You Be Too Fit To Fracture? Part II Nutrition Truths

Tuesday’s blog was all about exercise and osteoporosis and today we need to dive into the flip side of bone density, nutrition. You need to have the right building blocks for bone density. And as [...]

Osteoporosis: Will You Be Too Fit to Fracture?

When you’re setting New Year’s resolutions or considering gingerly easing yourself off the couch, its not typically bone density that motivates you. In 32 years as a fitness [...]

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