Exercise and Meals in Minutes for Your Hormone Health: Episode 1

Here’s where you’ll find all the resources for each episode of the Flipping 50 TV show. If I mention a resource, or share a recipe, give you a special coupon code, I’ll share it [...]

Protein That Gets You Into the Back-of-the-Closet Clothes After 50

A subscriber asked recently if I could recommend protein shakes since there are so many of them out there and so many varieties. I decided to share my response (with a few minor changes) to her [...]

Why Exercise Advice Alone Won’t Help After 50

Six Reasons You Can’t Stick With It (and What to Do About Them!)

You’ve started and stopped exercise and diets before. You’ve landed in the same spot again and again. It can be going poorly, or going well, and still you can’t seem to stick [...]

Defining What Is Functional Fitness After 50

In the last decade and more specifically, in the last five years, fitness and exercise trends are moving to “functional fitness” and away from more traditional measures and application of [...]

9 Choices For All Day Energy and All Night Recovery

Want more energy during the day and more restful sleep at night? Then you’re going to love this. The secret to getting better results from your exercise and nutrition is getting more sleep. [...]

Your Thyroid and Chronic Fatigue Questions Answered

Want Weight Loss? Your Exercise Schedule Matters!

An Optimal Exercise Schedule for Weight Loss? The conversation about cardio first or strength training first is a long-standing one. A fairly large body of research over the three decades [...]

How Much, How Often, and How Long to Lift Weights?

Add Power (and Results) to Your After 50 Weight Training

In You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women, I outlined three different resistance training protocols for improving fitness based on goals. If weight loss (including optimal [...]

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