20-minute Treadmill Workouts That Burn Fat, Boost Energy, and Make Time Fly

20-Minute Treadmill Workouts … You Might Fall In Love With By Valentine’s Day

Dread the treadmill? I call it the dreadmill for a reason. I absolutely love to run…outside. I despise it indoors. The only redemption is that I know I’m done in 20 minutes.

Amazingly, when I have to resort to short workouts for days in a row (aka: holidays and New Year’s shenanigans all coming down on me at once) I actually feel somehow “fitter” with these workouts.

It truly is my mind that loves a long run most. My body feels and looks best with the addition of short bursts of treadmill and weight training sprinkled with some yoga for good measure. Long runs or hikes are hormone balancers too. You need to know your needs. Daily high intensity or long can be more damaging than good, not to mention a recipe for injury.

Take any one of these and sprinkle between your longer walks. Allow recovery days before and after at the least and to keep it more conservative when you start just add one of these short higher intensity workouts to your week. Keep it there for a couple weeks and then add a second one. You’ll keep your mind more engaged than a long slow day of same speed. You want to feel the “work” interval is just that. You want to look forward to the recovery and then also be well recovered. Try to maintain the interval times but reduce recovery level or increase work level to accomplish that. Got 20 minutes?

1. Break each 5 minutes down into 4:30 moderate intensity exercise and :30 second sprints

2. Do 1:00 easy and 1:00 more challenging speed (or incline). Keep the easy recovery speed the same throughout the workout. Change the 1:00 work by increasing .2 mph (or 1% incline) each interval.


3. Alternate 30-second intervals (either speed or incline) with 1:00 of recovery. The intervals should be very challenging and the recovery should truly make you feel ready to begin another interval.

4. Begin with longer intervals of 5 minutes and recover for 1 minute. Interval for 4 minutes and recover for 1 minute, Interval for 3 minutes and recover for 1 minute. Interval for 2 minutes and recover for 1 minute. Interval for 1 minute and recover for 1 minute.

These are more beginner-friendly than traditional Tabata intervals. Even as a veteran exercise enthusiast if you’re new to intervals, taking the on-ramp is smarter than trying Tabata right out of the gate.

Got a favorite you love?

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