My Travel Companion for 11 Hours on The Road

This is honestly the first review (by request of the company) I’ve done except for book recommendations. Up front I want you to know I don’t receive any compensation for it other than the product itself and in this case it was great! Loved it!

I’ll share the video below and you can see how it works for yourself and why. A better testimonial even than this might be my recent Sunday drive. I left a little town in Northeast Iowa Sunday morning at 6am and got home to my mountain house in Boulder after picking up a few groceries and the dog about 12 hours later.

I don’t love stopping. There are only two things that can make me stop. Well, three if you count law enforcement officers (no, not this time). 1. Gas 2. the Restroom

Otherwise I take a cooler and treats. This time I was filled with water, boiled eggs, nuts, seeds, protein powder and tuna. Unfortunately for me I had no fork or spoon so the tuna stayed in the pouch.

What did come in handy was the Fuelshaker for a protein shake for breakfast and about half way through the afternoon. The dry powder sat in the bottom of the container while I sipped water and then when I was ready I just shook it up and drank it. The little disrupter inside helps make sure that it’s going to get mixed well.

Keeping focused, high energy through snacks and catching up on engaging CDs make even 11 hours of driving go by fairly quickly for me. It’s rare to have a day at the office when I’m able to listen for education, motivation, and new research. Anything can be fun!

Consider taking along Fuelshaker when you’re on the go.

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