Over 100 Pound Weight Loss in Two Years at Age 58 | Summer Inspire

Exercise, nutrition, and flirting with fasting, Tracey returns to Flipping 50 to update us on her progress this summer. One day at a time to permanent weight loss. In two years, she’s lost over 100 pounds with consistent habits. Tracey is proof that you can do it, too and you can flip 50 well past 50.

Tracey was a guest on the show over a year ago [listen to that podcast here] and she wowed us then with her weight loss and wake up call. She’d been diagnosed with diabetes years ago. Infrequent routine visits to her doctor suggested she should take this seriously and make changes. One visit after years of this her doctor’s tone changed. She hadn’t made any changes. “He had never talked to me like that,” Tracey shared on that first podcast appearance. The tone of voice change got Tracey’s attention. Will this show be your wake up call? You never know. It may be a big thing and it may be an every day conversation that inspires you.

This summer inspire series is all about having guest on for the first time, or for a repeat visit, who are changing the way we age by removing limits and ignoring the age-related stipulations that it’s too late for anything. What ever you wish could be true about your life right now can be if you believe it. This series is about improving health, quality of life, beginning dreams regardless of the candles on the cake. Get inspired, or be an inspiration. Do you have a story to share?

Tracey updated me along the way when she was at an 85 pound loss. She’s here to share her now more than 100 pound weight loss journey:

what role did exercise play in your weight loss?

what role did dietary changes play in your weight loss?

what were the toughest challenges for you?

how old do you feel?

what do you think about aging?

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If you have a question you wish I would have asked Tracey, please leave it below the show link! She stops by and I’ll be sure to reach out and ask her!

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